4 Banjo Songs, 1891-1897 (Charles A. Asbury)

4 Banjo Songs, 1891-1897
March 26, 2018 hennessey

Foundational Recordings of America’s Iconic Instrument

This May, you can hear what only a handful of people have ever heard: the oldest recordings of banjo songs in existence, played by an African American veteran of the minstrel stage, Charles A. Asbury. 4 Banjo Songs, 1891-1897 presents four of the rarest wax cylinders on a beautiful vinyl package. It is a seven-inch 45-rpm disc in a gatefold sleeve, with lyrics and a 16-page booklet of biographical and musical notes by Grammy-nominated authors Richard Martin and Ted Olson. 4 Banjo Songs, 1891-1897 was released on May 4, 2017. Order yours today!



1. Haul the Woodpile Down (ca. 1893–94)
2. Never Done Anything Since (ca. 1892–93)


1. A New Coon in Town (1897)
2. Keep in de Middle ob de Road (ca. 1891)

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