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Day 7: Ragtime and Minstrels
Save $12 on Real Ragtime, Monarchs of Minstrelsy,
and Will Oakland Jubilee.




Three GRAMMY Nominations for Archeophone

Grammy nominations have been announced, and three of our releases—4 Banjo Songs, Alpine Dreaming, and The Product of Our Souls—have been nominated in the field of Best Album Notes. Hats off to our writers, Dave Gilbert, Jim Leary, Richard Martin, and Ted Olson. And congrats to our esteemed friends and fellow nominees! The winner will be announced February 10, 2019.

Screengrab of 2018 Grammy Nominations for Best Album Notes4 Banjo Songs featured in The Washington Post

4 Banjo Songs, our collection of banjo recordings by Charles Asbury, is featured in today’s Washington Post. Read Geoff Edgers’ terrific piece and listen to the podcast.



  • “In the digital age, when liner notes have been reduced to a song name scrolling across a streaming playlist, the husband-and-wife team of [Richard] Martin and Meagan Hennessey are an anomaly. They gather rarities from the earliest era of recordings, research the music and put out entire books of analysis alongside the music.”
    Geoff EdgersWashington Post
  • “Truly epochal reissues, which unearth completely forgotten chapters of musical history. The tiny Illinois-based Archeophone label has been doing that kind of archaeology for several years now, almost single-handedly championing the popular music of the acoustic recording era.”


      Helvetia Records: Unrealized Ambitious Dreams

      With the recent acquisition of Helvetia 1002, our upcoming set, Alpine Dreaming, will now have every known release put out by the small Helvetia label in the early 1920s. Thanks to Eric Gallinger for contributing that record to the effort. Eric found the disc at an estate sale in Oregon and, inspired by his wife’s … Continue reading Helvetia Records: Unrealized Ambitious Dreams
      posted: June 20, 2018

      Mystery Banjo Players Identified?

      Last week we wondered whether record titles, such as those listed in a ca. 1891 catalog of the New Jersey Phonograph Company, might not all have been actually recorded. Then we traced the offerings of Charles Asbury in New Jersey/U.S. Phono. Co. and Columbia catalogs from 1892 through 1897 to see which of his records … Continue reading Mystery Banjo Players Identified?
      posted: May 9, 2018

      Charles Asbury’s Top “Hits”

      We said on Monday that maybe by comparing the early catalogs of cylinder companies we can figure out which titles were recorded for certain because they continued getting listed month after month and year after year. A title that appears in a catalog once and then disappears—perhaps that title never actually got made because no … Continue reading Charles Asbury’s Top “Hits”...
      posted: May 4, 2018

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