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◈  7-inch 45-rpm EP in a gatefold sleeve
◈  4 songs recorded between 1891 and 1897
◈  Includes full lyrics and a 16-page booklet
     with notes by Grammy-nominated authors
     Richard Martin and Ted Olson

Charles A. Asbury
4 Banjo Songs, 1891-1897


Billy Murray's Back!

Anthology, The Denver Nightingale
is freshly remastered and back
in print.


The Product of Our Souls

The Sound and Sway of James Reese
Europe's Society Orchestra

◈  22 selections, including all 8 sides by Europe's Orchestra
◈  Packaged in a digipak with a 56-page full-color booklet
◈  Liner notes by author David Gilbert
◈  Companion to the UNC Press volume




4 Banjo Songs featured in The Washington Post

4 Banjo Songs, our collection of banjo recordings by Charles Asbury, is featured in today’s Washington Post. Read Geoff Edgers’ terrific piece and listen to the podcast.

The Product of Our Souls: The Sound and Sway of James Reese Europe’s Society Orchestra coming June 1

The Product of Our Souls: The Sound and Sway of James Reese Europe’s Society Orchestra, the first-ever collection of sides by James Reese Europe’s Society Orchestra, is now available for preorder. Packaged in a digipak, this compilation features 22 selections and 56 pages of notes by David Gilbert, author of UNC Press’ 2016 companion volume.

Billy Murray Anthology: The Denver Nightingale newly remastered and back in print

Our Billy Murry collection Anthology: The Denver Nightingale is freshly remastered and back in print for the first time since 2014.

4 Banjo Songs, 1891-1897 now available

Our Charles A. Asbury EP, 4 Banjo Songs, 1891-1897, is now on sale and shipping immediately. 4 Banjo Songs, 1891-1897 presents four of the rarest wax cylinders in a beautiful vinyl package. It is a seven-inch 45-rpm disc in a gatefold sleeve, with lyrics and a 16-page booklet of biographical and musical notes by Grammy-nominated authors Richard Martin and Ted Olson.

Sophie Tucker & Nora Bayes in the news

Our Sophie Tucker reissue got a nice shout out from Gary Giddins in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, and Nora Bayes was covered in Sunday’s New York Times.


  • 1908  — Ada Jones recorded “You Will Have To Sing An Irish Song”  



Helvetia Records: Unrealized Ambitious Dreams

With the recent acquisition of Helvetia 1002, our upcoming set, Alpine Dreaming, will now have every known release put out by the small Helvetia label in the early 1920s. Thanks to Eric Gallinger for contributing that record to the effort. Eric found the disc at an estate sale in Oregon and, inspired by his wife’s … Continue reading Helvetia Records: Unrealized Ambitious Dreams
posted: June 20, 2018

Mystery Banjo Players Identified?

Last week we wondered whether record titles, such as those listed in a ca. 1891 catalog of the New Jersey Phonograph Company, might not all have been actually recorded. Then we traced the offerings of Charles Asbury in New Jersey/U.S. Phono. Co. and Columbia catalogs from 1892 through 1897 to see which of his records … Continue reading Mystery Banjo Players Identified?
posted: May 9, 2018

Charles Asbury’s Top “Hits”

We said on Monday that maybe by comparing the early catalogs of cylinder companies we can figure out which titles were recorded for certain because they continued getting listed month after month and year after year. A title that appears in a catalog once and then disappears—perhaps that title never actually got made because no … Continue reading Charles Asbury’s Top “Hits”...
posted: May 4, 2018

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