Upcoming Conferences & Events

April 07th, 2016

Conference season is upon us, and we’ll be participating in at least three conferences and music events this spring.  Here’s the list of what’s lined up so far.

Real Ragtime is Back

March 02nd, 2016

Our first release, Real Ragtime: Disc Recordings From Its Heyday is newly remastered and back in stock. The sound is better than ever, layout improved, and some textual corrections have been made. How excited are we to have it back? It’s on sale for just $7.99 until March 12. Listen to the new sound ...

Today in Acoustic History

From our Blog

Refresh > Repress

We’re currently staging a new-account drive at our website, www.archeophone.com –trying to get old and new customers alike to visit our new site and sign up for accounts. To sweeten the deal, we’ve...read full post →
posted: March 8, 2016

African-American Camp Meeting Hymns

The Fisk Jubilee Singers began touring in 1871 to raise money for their new university, drawing large crowds and public acclaim for their studied take on the spirituals their people had developed a...read full post →
posted: February 18, 2016

Sophie Tucker Anniversary

Fifty years ago today we lost the biggest entertainer in the world, Sonya Kalish Abuza, a.k.a., Sophie Tucker. A veteran of the stage, screen, and phonograph, her sixty-year career began during the...read full post →
posted: February 9, 2016

What's changed with Real Ragtime? Hear the difference at our blog.